About Western Power

Western Power is a community-focused organisation that will represent Ipswich and the Western Corridor of South East Queensland regions in the newly formed T20 Brisbane Premier League.


Comprising of U12, U13, U15, U17 and U19 Boys, as well as U19 Girls and a Senior Men’s Team, Western Power will provide additional opportunities for development and exposure to playing at an elite level for over 100 male and female cricketers.


The Greater Ipswich Region and Western Corridor is one of the fastest-growing population areas in Australia. The city is renowned for its support of all sport, especially cricket, with massive interest generated to support teams representing the area at the elite level.


Through its participation in the Brisbane Premier League, Western Power will provide an opportunity for our players to compete in an amateur T20 cricket tournament where the best compete against the best in an event model based on the Indian Premier League.


“Many cricketers of all ages want to play more each season! The Australian Premier League has created just that.”

– Ian Healy AO.


Sunday June 6

Western Power

 Barefoot Bowls 

Family Fun Day